Welcome to Authors Roundtable

Authors Roundtable is meant to be a place to promote authors and artists by providing a platform that is specifically geared toward the marketing aspect of indie publishing. The majority of authors here will be indie writers who self publish, however some will also be established authors whose work I like. The posts here contain links to the Amazon “Look Inside”  free preview as well as to the Amazon Books ‘Buy Now” site for each book. I do not sell space to authors, this site is supported solely by the Amazon referral system and my own wallet.

I ask that visitors to Authors Roundtable use these links to support the site so that I don’t have to sell space, clutter it up with sponsor ads or turn it into yet another blog that’s all about me. I’m boring as hell, click the links and save us both!

This site is still under construction and things will change as I expand it and make it more navigable and appealing. Bear with me. For now I am including only authors and artists who I follow on Twitter or read myself. That’s quite a few great writers and creative talents already but I am open to suggestions.

To submit books, excerpts or authors for inclusion here send me an email at: submissions.kzh@gmail.com