ENTROPY by Robert Raker

A crime novel that goes much deeper than the brutal crimes it chronicles.


I expected another crime novel with the typical story elements that are the hallmark of the genre.
What I found was a story about far more than the crimes it described.
Robert Raker turned the traditional murder mystery inside out and focused not on the crimes themselves but on the people impacted by the horrific acts on a psychological level. Told in four interlaced sections, each with its own unique perspective and narrator, ENTROPY follows the deep and disturbing paths of both investigators and family members as they come to grips with a series of brutal murders that leave them adrift in a world turned dark by their loss and the emotional scars of their own struggle to deal with the aftermath.
ENTROPY is not a typical crime story, it is far more.
Read the preview here: ENTROPY by Robert Raker
Click the cover to purchase Robert Raker’s novel Entropy from Amazon.

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