Stoic Paradoxes: Quintus Curtius

Stoic Paradoxes

Cicero’s “Stoic Paradoxes” is a brilliant and accessible summary of the six major ethical beliefs of Stoicism. The nature of moral goodness, the possession of virtue, good and bad conduct, the transcendence of wisdom, and the sources of real wealth are all discussed with the author’s characteristic intensity and wit.

This is the only existing modern translation of this little-known classic, as well as the most detailed study.

Also included here is Cicero’s visionary essay “The Dream of Scipio,” which is a compelling testament to his belief in the immortality of the soul. Taken together, these two works provide a glimpse into the mind of one of the most influential thinkers of antiquity.

For this special edition, translator Quintus Curtius has returned to the original Latin texts to provide a modern, fresh interpretation of these forgotten classics. Supplementary essays, summaries, textual notes, a bibliography, and an index provide additional guidance, and help present these works to a new generation of readers.

Quintus Curtius can be found at

Read the preview to Stoic Paradoxes here.

This book is also available as an Audible audio book, the free trial is here.

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Thirty Seven
On Duties

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