Down To Sheol by M.T. White

The characters are believable and the dialog driven style showcases the plot very well. It reminded me of the old style detective novels I read years ago, but brought into a modern day setting.

Down to Sheol is a dark crime thriller set in rural Texas.

When Jack McGregor refuses to sell his land he ends up dead under suspicious circumstances.

Corrupt D.A. Michael Kubicek just needed to cover up the killing committed by his in-laws, the violent Chambers brothers. Decadent real estate developer Jimmy Morgan just needed to pay off Jack’s feeble sister so he could turn the land into a thriving, monetary oasis. They thought their troubles were over with the coverup in place and the deed in hand.

They were very wrong. Trouble arrived on a bus and it wanted answers.

They didn’t count on Jack’s son Clayton, an Army vet returning full of distrust and a hair trigger. They didn’t count on Bree Morgan, Jimmy’s wife and Clayton’s ex-girlfriend. And they didn’t count on Clayton and Bree joining forces. As Clayton investigates, he crosses paths with the Chambers’ and discovers there’s more to his father’s death than meets the eye while Jimmy stumbles upon Bree’s secret plan.

When the guns come out, everyone is caught in the crossfire.

Click the cover to read the preview or to purchase from Amazon.

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