Revelation: by K.Z. Howell


From the depths of the last ice age comes a message written in stone. Kurt Howe, former soldier and student of the past discovers the key to reading the message left by an ancient race. The knowledge contained in the inscriptions leads Kurt and his team on a quest to take mankind to the stars.

In his path lies not only the difficulty of translating and adapting the alien technology, but into armed conflict with the forces of tyranny within his own government and their allies who have plans of their own for the ultimate power he discovers.

REVELATION chronicles the effort to build a new paradigm for humanity from clues left in the jungles by the Maya and Aztec people and the ancient lore of the Native Americans. The danger grows as Kurt and his Navajo friend, Blackhorse, along with the beautiful scientist Gina Marline quickly bring their organization to a level of technology that makes them a threat to the existing powers that secretly manipulate the world into subservience.

From the jungles of South and Central America to the climactic battle in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, Revelation builds a new world from the headlines of our own.

Read the preview of Revelation here.

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