Slightly Off-Kilter

         Slightly Off-Kilter

Slightly Off Kilter is the authors account of his life growing up in the 1950’s. He presents a humorous and relatable tale of an era that bridged the harsh years of the Depression and the heady and volatile 60’s .
Don Drewniak weaves the anxiety of childhood with the humorous touch of hindsight into a well crafted story of a lost age.

There was no internet (and social media). No cell phones. No video games. No cable television. As a result, it was an era when most kids spent large blocks of time outside involved with baseball, stickball, basketball. soccer, hopscotch, jump rope, bike riding and exploring the world around them. The majority of kids also walked to and from school. Most importantly, perhaps, were those times spent hanging around with friends communicating face to face rather than electronically.

It was a time when television was in its infancy and the reception of a handful of stations magically delivered endless entertainment, almost all of which was suitable for kids. Very little was geared to the lowest common denominator.

You can read the preview of Slightly Off-Kilter here.

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