Horror Author: Ellie Douglas


Author Ellie Douglas

Ellie Douglas has a passion for horror.

Writing from her secret Zombie lair deep in the mountains of New Zealand she creates mesmerizing tales of terror and gore that bring spine chilling thrills to her fans. A prolific author, Ellie has six books published now and more on the way. Her books have a unique style of graphic, spooky horror combined with well developed characters you will want to root for.

When she isn’t writing spine tingling horror, Ellie Douglas creates professional book covers, logos and banners as a graphic artist. She also designs and publishes adult coloring books.






Ellie Douglas can be found at her website, http://www.authorellie.com where she has a free book available.

She can also be found on Twitter, https://twitter.com/AuthorEllie

Pinterest http://bit.ly/Ellie-Pin and on Facebook at http://bit.ly/FB-ELLIE and other social media sites.

By Author Ellie Douglas



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