Rhyme & Reason: My Life in Poems by Ilene Goff Kaufmann

Ilene Goff Kaufmann was born and raised in rural Lapeer, Michigan. She was adopted when she was four years old, along with two of her brothers. She began writing poetry at a very early age. It became a way for her to express her deepest thoughts and feelings. Her love for writing poetry continued throughout her life.

I personally have always believed that no matter how tough things get, to succeed, it’s important to find the positive among the negative in life. It may not always be easy . . . but it is possible. These poems are my positives. Some relate overwhelming pain and sadness . . . while others express the most joyous moments in my life.

As a single parent of three, I have had an extraordinary life. But even so I’ve had my share of heartbreaks. And I’ve come to know people who have experienced extreme highs and lows in their lives as well. With their blessings, I have told their stories so as to give them comfort and help them to heal and move on.

Click the cover to read the preview or to purchase “Rhyme & Reason: My Life in Poems” from Amazon.

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