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A Dress the Color of the Sky: Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin has created a smorgasbord of unique and compelling characters in her book. While Prue Aldrich is the focus of the story the cast of supporting characters that either feed Prue’s issues or offer support to her recovery are equally relatable and well defined. Prudence’ own addiction to sex is thoroughly explored and her path to recovery is fraught with potential set backs and the inner struggle with the demons of her childhood.

“Again, the next day, I fled to the same spot in the corner. This time, a blanket awaited me. I hid underneath it, in a ball.

My donkeyskin of protection.

On the last day, it was my turn to face the Devil. My mother invaded my thoughts. Rage bubbled below the surface. I placed her in my heart and forced the person I had buried in the crypts of Hell to come alive.”

Irwin, Jennifer. A Dress the Color of the Sky (Kindle Locations 5021-5024). Glass Spider Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The role her parents, friends and acquaintances play in Prue’s early life, along with her frankly psychopathic husband, Nick, is detailed in well written flashbacks that all lead to the recovery center where most of the story is set. The graphic and painfully detailed events in the center are gripping and well paced as they lead to the emotional conclusion of Prue’s struggle to regain control of her own life.


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