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True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph : Amberly Lago

True Grit And Grace

In the introduction to TRUE GRIT AND GRACE, Amberly Lago ends with a line that sums up not only her book, but her outlook on life.

“You’ve got a shovel in your hand. You can either lean on it and pray for a hole, or you can start digging.”

True Grit And Grace is the true story of Amberly Lago and embodies the subtitle, Turning Tragedy Into Triumph, perfectly. She begins by setting the stage and showing how ordinary and every day routines can change ones life in the blink of an eye. The first event occurs where many accidents happen, in her own neighborhood. This relatively minor incident sets off a string of events that culminate in a horrible motorcycle crash that altered her life forever.

She nearly loses her leg in an accident and it is only her own Texas grit and in the support of her husband that she finds the resolve and courage to fight through and keep her damaged limb. She pulls no punches as she describes the horrendous pain and the relentless determination of herself , her family and her medical team to save her and keep her leg.

Throughout her story, Amberly reflects on her life growing up and reveals not only the upbringing that gave her the no surrender attitude that carried through the pain of over 30 surgeries, but she reveals a background that has broken more than one person on its own.

True Grit And Grace: Turning Tragedy To Triumph is a raw, brutal tale of courage and personal strength that will alternately tug at your heartstrings and make you cheer out loud as she fights her way back to normal life. The book itself is well written and paced, leading to a story you will not be able to put down.

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Sallust: The Conspiracy of Catiline and the War of Jugurtha (Audio)


Sallust: The Conspiracy of Catiline and the War of Jugurtha by Quintus Curtius is a new translation of the Roman historian, Sallust, timeless writing. Sallust has been studied and his writings referenced for centuries as one of the first great historians of the Roman Empire.

Quintus Curtius new translation is available in Ebook, print and now on Audible in its entirety. Sallust’ work details the corruption and moral decay of the powerful men that ruled and ravaged the Roman era. Murder, intrigue and hubris were the order of the day and Sallust pragmatic views were formed by his direct experience in the highest levels of Roman politics.

The War of Jugurtha tells the tale of the Numidian king, Jugurtha, and his failed war against the Roman empire. The Conspiracy of Catiline chronicles the attempt by Roman Senator Lucius Catiline to seize power in the later days of the Empire.

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Slightly Off-Kilter

         Slightly Off-Kilter

Slightly Off Kilter is the authors account of his life growing up in the 1950’s. He presents a humorous and relatable tale of an era that bridged the harsh years of the Depression and the heady and volatile 60’s .
Don Drewniak weaves the anxiety of childhood with the humorous touch of hindsight into a well crafted story of a lost age.

There was no internet (and social media). No cell phones. No video games. No cable television. As a result, it was an era when most kids spent large blocks of time outside involved with baseball, stickball, basketball. soccer, hopscotch, jump rope, bike riding and exploring the world around them. The majority of kids also walked to and from school. Most importantly, perhaps, were those times spent hanging around with friends communicating face to face rather than electronically.

It was a time when television was in its infancy and the reception of a handful of stations magically delivered endless entertainment, almost all of which was suitable for kids. Very little was geared to the lowest common denominator.

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Stoic Paradoxes: Quintus Curtius

Stoic Paradoxes

Cicero’s “Stoic Paradoxes” is a brilliant and accessible summary of the six major ethical beliefs of Stoicism. The nature of moral goodness, the possession of virtue, good and bad conduct, the transcendence of wisdom, and the sources of real wealth are all discussed with the author’s characteristic intensity and wit.

This is the only existing modern translation of this little-known classic, as well as the most detailed study.

Also included here is Cicero’s visionary essay “The Dream of Scipio,” which is a compelling testament to his belief in the immortality of the soul. Taken together, these two works provide a glimpse into the mind of one of the most influential thinkers of antiquity.

For this special edition, translator Quintus Curtius has returned to the original Latin texts to provide a modern, fresh interpretation of these forgotten classics. Supplementary essays, summaries, textual notes, a bibliography, and an index provide additional guidance, and help present these works to a new generation of readers.

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