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The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon: Walter Kirn

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is a new short story by Walter Kirn, author of

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

Thumbsucker: A Novel

and columnist for Harpers Magazine, among many others.

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is the story of the loss of his mother and the unusual events surrounding her passing. Mr. Kirn weaves the emotional impact into a tale of almost mystic occurrences involving crows, dreams and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel.

This short story is written in Mr. Kirns signature style of plain language and vivid imagery. In the Audible version he narrates the tale himself and his narration draws the listener along with his even tone and clear delivery. His descriptions of places and especially of the crows gives the tale an ethereal edge reminiscent of my grandfathers tales of his youth with the Cherokee.

I highly recommend this book. It is a quick read or listen but you will want to experience more than once.

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is a stand alone short story from the Amazon Original Stories: Missing Collection.

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Goodbye To That Feeling

Goodbye To That Feeling

Prague, the city of fantasy and romance, turns a young American woman’s quest to run from the mundane to a journey of sexual self discovery. This charming and heartbreaking coming of age story is fast paced, raw and intimate.

From their flirtatious first meeting to their wild excursions in the city, the energy of young, unrestrained attraction and playful desire gives the story an addictive, heart-stopping urgency.

Kitten Holiday is an up and coming writer, awarded Badass Blog of the Year in 2015 and also known for her emotionally charged and poignant short fiction. Her unique perspective, unforgettable voice and witty sense of humor have readers eagerly anticipating each new release.

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