A Dress the Color of the Sky: Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin has created a smorgasbord of unique and compelling characters in her book. While Prue Aldrich is the focus of the story the cast of supporting characters that either feed Prue’s issues or offer support to her recovery are equally relatable and well defined. Prudence’ own addiction to sex is thoroughly explored and her path to recovery is fraught with potential set backs and the inner struggle with the demons of her childhood.

“Again, the next day, I fled to the same spot in the corner. This time, a blanket awaited me. I hid underneath it, in a ball.

My donkeyskin of protection.

On the last day, it was my turn to face the Devil. My mother invaded my thoughts. Rage bubbled below the surface. I placed her in my heart and forced the person I had buried in the crypts of Hell to come alive.”

Irwin, Jennifer. A Dress the Color of the Sky (Kindle Locations 5021-5024). Glass Spider Publishing. Kindle Edition.

The role her parents, friends and acquaintances play in Prue’s early life, along with her frankly psychopathic husband, Nick, is detailed in well written flashbacks that all lead to the recovery center where most of the story is set. The graphic and painfully detailed events in the center are gripping and well paced as they lead to the emotional conclusion of Prue’s struggle to regain control of her own life.


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The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon: Walter Kirn

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is a new short story by Walter Kirn, author of

Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

Thumbsucker: A Novel

and columnist for Harpers Magazine, among many others.

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is the story of the loss of his mother and the unusual events surrounding her passing. Mr. Kirn weaves the emotional impact into a tale of almost mystic occurrences involving crows, dreams and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel.

This short story is written in Mr. Kirns signature style of plain language and vivid imagery. In the Audible version he narrates the tale himself and his narration draws the listener along with his even tone and clear delivery. His descriptions of places and especially of the crows gives the tale an ethereal edge reminiscent of my grandfathers tales of his youth with the Cherokee.

I highly recommend this book. It is a quick read or listen but you will want to experience more than once.

The Stones, the Crows, the Grass, the Moon is a stand alone short story from the Amazon Original Stories: Missing Collection.

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True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph : Amberly Lago

True Grit And Grace

In the introduction to TRUE GRIT AND GRACE, Amberly Lago ends with a line that sums up not only her book, but her outlook on life.

“You’ve got a shovel in your hand. You can either lean on it and pray for a hole, or you can start digging.”

True Grit And Grace is the true story of Amberly Lago and embodies the subtitle, Turning Tragedy Into Triumph, perfectly. She begins by setting the stage and showing how ordinary and every day routines can change ones life in the blink of an eye. The first event occurs where many accidents happen, in her own neighborhood. This relatively minor incident sets off a string of events that culminate in a horrible motorcycle crash that altered her life forever.

She nearly loses her leg in an accident and it is only her own Texas grit and in the support of her husband that she finds the resolve and courage to fight through and keep her damaged limb. She pulls no punches as she describes the horrendous pain and the relentless determination of herself , her family and her medical team to save her and keep her leg.

Throughout her story, Amberly reflects on her life growing up and reveals not only the upbringing that gave her the no surrender attitude that carried through the pain of over 30 surgeries, but she reveals a background that has broken more than one person on its own.

True Grit And Grace: Turning Tragedy To Triumph is a raw, brutal tale of courage and personal strength that will alternately tug at your heartstrings and make you cheer out loud as she fights her way back to normal life. The book itself is well written and paced, leading to a story you will not be able to put down.

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Rhyme & Reason: My Life in Poems by Ilene Goff Kaufmann

Ilene Goff Kaufmann was born and raised in rural Lapeer, Michigan. She was adopted when she was four years old, along with two of her brothers. She began writing poetry at a very early age. It became a way for her to express her deepest thoughts and feelings. Her love for writing poetry continued throughout her life.

I personally have always believed that no matter how tough things get, to succeed, it’s important to find the positive among the negative in life. It may not always be easy . . . but it is possible. These poems are my positives. Some relate overwhelming pain and sadness . . . while others express the most joyous moments in my life.

As a single parent of three, I have had an extraordinary life. But even so I’ve had my share of heartbreaks. And I’ve come to know people who have experienced extreme highs and lows in their lives as well. With their blessings, I have told their stories so as to give them comfort and help them to heal and move on.

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Dream State: K. Z. Howell

Jen leaned against the shower wall, the heat from the streaming water relieving some of the tension from the chase and the long ride. The feel of the water cascading down her body was, in some small way, a reminder that despite the hardship of the last 24 hours she was still alive. It also freed her mind from the urgency of her fight or flight mentality and sent her thoughts careening wildly through her sleep deprived mind.
Where was Will?
What happened at the canyon that had allowed her to escape?
Why did a cold ball of ice form in her gut whenever her thoughts turned to her husband?
The fear and uncertainty of his fate at the hands of the armed men that had hunted them through the desert rocks came back now. It came back with a vengeance that dropped her to her knees under the relentless stream of liquid doubt. It wasn’t until the water began to turn cold that the tears and the awful shaking ended and she could unwrap herself from her fetal position and stand on quivering legs. Her hands shook as she dried off and put on a t-shirt from her bag.
Wills shirt.
Even through the days of being folded in a drawer and even more stuffed into a bag, it smelled of him. The smell was at once a comfort and a curse. It brought the image of his face into sharp focus in her memory and gave her comfort in its familiar scent. It also cursed her with his absence and brought fresh saltiness to her cheeks at the missing part of her soul. She did not feel the cold, hard tile beneath her feet as she stared at the small bed. Her mind refused to tell her legs to get under the sheet and lay her head on the pillow. She ached for sleep but knew that in that sleep she would find answers and suddenly she didn’t want them. For what seemed like hours she stood, mesmerized by the thought of never sleeping again and going on in blissful ignorance. She imagined Will walking through the door, smiling ashamedly as he explained that it had all been a huge misunderstanding. That the armed men had merely been out for target practice and had no interest in the two of them. In her mind they laughed in embarrassment at their epic overreaction and many years later told their children of the silly desert adventure they had had many years before.
It was with a sadness she could not explain that Jen drew back the sheet and lay her body on the mattress. She laid her head on the pillow, alone for the first time in 4 years.

The Dead Undone: Ellie Douglas


The Dead Undone

Ellie Douglas weaves a gory, creepy path of zombie carnage across the landscape. From the fetid swamp to the ghostly asylum a buffet of unique characters is offered up for the readers enjoyment.. And the zombies dinner!
The smell of rotted flesh and the sound of crunching bone comes through the pages with every attack of the shambling undead. The book is a thoroughly satisfying smorgasbord of desperation and fear. Highly recommended for the discerning horror fan.



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The Dead Wake

The Dead Undone



Sallust: The Conspiracy of Catiline and the War of Jugurtha (Audio)


Sallust: The Conspiracy of Catiline and the War of Jugurtha by Quintus Curtius is a new translation of the Roman historian, Sallust, timeless writing. Sallust has been studied and his writings referenced for centuries as one of the first great historians of the Roman Empire.

Quintus Curtius new translation is available in Ebook, print and now on Audible in its entirety. Sallust’ work details the corruption and moral decay of the powerful men that ruled and ravaged the Roman era. Murder, intrigue and hubris were the order of the day and Sallust pragmatic views were formed by his direct experience in the highest levels of Roman politics.

The War of Jugurtha tells the tale of the Numidian king, Jugurtha, and his failed war against the Roman empire. The Conspiracy of Catiline chronicles the attempt by Roman Senator Lucius Catiline to seize power in the later days of the Empire.

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